The Artletica Fitness Mat

The perfect mat for yoga, pilates & any kind of exercise routine. Artletica was established to bring you an ultra high-quality fitness mat that is engineered for use but designed like an art piece.

Our mat is very unique, being distinguished by the custom artwork created by an award winning artist. Artletic mats are highly versatile & durable, eco-friendly with all natural biodegradable rubber, and high-tech with the latest non-slip moisture wicking technology.

real reviews from real people

"It feels like a gift was sent to me! The Mat is heavy and beautiful as expected and I will absolutely swap for my older and beloved Mat."
"The design is so beautiful. I practice hot yoga and things get really sweaty and I am always looking for a mat that won't slip. This mat is perfect!"
"Very thick mat. Very comfortable. I’m a huge fan of the extra length, and I don’t slip when doing my exercises. It’s a bit heavier than I imagined, but so much nicer to use."
"Packaging is five star both in quality and showmanship."

Versatile, Durable, & Unique

Finally, a custom designed fitness mat with usability in mind. 

When Alex's wife couldn't find her perfect Yoga mat, Alex set out on a mission to design a fitness mat that was not only super unique, but ultra-high quality as well. The Artletica mat is custom designed to be just as practical as it is beautiful.

🌿 Sustainable & Eco Friendly

Eco-friendly with all-natural rubber and packaging that will biodegrade organically.

💦 Non-slip Moisture Wicking

Latest non-slip tech lets you push your workouts further with the perfect amount of stick.

🏋️ Versatile & Durable

Made to last, use it for any fitness routine; yoga, training, pilates, weight training, & more.