The Artletica fitness mat is a new kind of mat, and is truly unique from any other yoga or fitness mats on the market. 

Let’s start with the all-natural rubber design. The tree rubber used on Artletica yoga mats contains no toxic PVC, no plasticizers, and no foaming agents. This allows for a product that is not only eco-friendly but also biodegradable - providing you with the peace of mind to support a brand and product that doesn’t harm our earth. 



Something that so many of our users notice about the Artletica yoga mat is how supportive the mat is. The rubber is super dense, weighing over 7lbs - this mat provides an immense amount of protection for your joints and support for your poses. This density proves its durability and versatility allowing you to enjoy the mat for years while doing all kinds of high-intensity exercising on it including things like pilates, cardio, and even high-level weight training. 

One of the most important aspects of yoga and fitness mats is ‘stickyness’. Well, we address this with our non-slip surface. The surface engineering of the Artletica mat is a high-quality non-slip construction which is unique because in combination with the ultra-durable rubber base, it provides the absolute perfect combination of both comfort and support in your routine - maintaining its form in high-pressure situations but sustaining its non-slip property.



Lastly and most obviously, the design. The Artletica mat design was chosen through an art contest with thousands of contestants. The design and color combinations give you many options to choose from based on your style and personality. 

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